Our services

Jim and Mal are both certified RMA Decision Makers and can can serve as independent commissioners on panels hearing applications for resource consents and dealing with planning and other matters. Our point of difference is that we have science expertise in our respective fields (Jim – freshwater science; Mal – estuarine, coastal and marine science). Science expertise is essential for evaluating technical issues, especially when numbers, models, statistics and physical, chemical and biological processes are in play.

Mal is also offering a range of other services.

  • I can help you write, or write for you, technical material of all kinds.
    Here are some examples of my past work:

  • I can write popular pieces, including for the web, community groups, industry and local government.
    For example, here is a piece I did on mangroves for consumption by community groups. It’s not all words; here are some nice graphs I did that show ecological thresholds used by various organisations around the world.
  • I can provide expert advice on science issues around RMA and NPSFM matters (e.g., guidelines, standards, limits, consultation), including providing science to collaborative planning processes.
    A large part of my career has been spent in this arena. For example, I served on the Modelling Leadership Group that supported the Te Awarua-o-Porirua Whaitua collaborative planning process, and was a lead science writer on the Sea Change – Tai Timu Tai Pari Hauraki Gulf Marine Spatial Plan.
  • I can review applications for resource consent, which can include advising on, reviewing and evaluating models.
    The kinds of models I am talking about here include numerical predictive models of waves, currents and sediment transport, water quality (including nutrients, sediments and microbial pathogens), catchment sediment yield and urban contaminants; statistical models; conceptual models; and Bayesian belief models.
  • Give me some data, and I can explore, visualise, and analyse it.
    Of course, I need to be au fait with the particular kind of data. I am an expert in estuarine/coastal time series data (waves, currents, suspended-sediment concentration, bed shear stress, sediment transport, visual clarity and the like). A picture – or graph – tells a thousand words. 
  • I can edit technical and popular material that you have written.
    And I can explain the edits as we go, so that it is a learning process.

What we don’t do (you might have guessed already) is build websites.