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Dr Malcolm Green
Estuarine, Coastal and Marine Science | Certified RMA Decision Maker / 021 236 1844
Associate, Streamlined Environmental Ltd

I’m a reformed Australian, have been around for a while, but am still useful.

Here is where I provide my credentials. After gaining a BSc with First Class Honours in marine science at the University of Sydney, I headed to the Virginia Institute of Marine Science to do a PhD on sediment transport on the U.S. Mid-Atlantic Bight inner continental shelf. Following that was a 6-year stint at the University of Cambridge, where I did post-doctoral research on sediment transport, boundary-layer flows and waves in the shallow seas around the British Isles. It was then onto NIWA (Hamilton, New Zealand), where my research moved further inshore into estuaries, and I worked widely in the government, local authority, industry, Maori and community sectors. When I left NIWA in 2016, I was Principal Scientist for Estuarine and Coastal Physical Processes, the leader of a large MBIE-funded research programme that was developing the science, information and tools needed for limits-based management of freshwater and estuarine ecosystems under the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management (NPSFM), and the leader of NIWA’s core Catchment to Estuaries research programme. I subsequently joined Streamlined as a partner and Director, where I was able to provide clients with more quality time.

I have a good understanding of processes under the Resource Management Act, and I have been deeply involved in the implementation of limits-based management under the NPSFM. I served on the Modelling Leadership Group that supported the Te Awarua-o-Porirua Whaitua collaborative planning process; led the Kaipara Harbour Sediment Mitigation Study, which developed a model of Kaipara Harbour and its catchment for assessing costs and benefits of sediment mitigation; and was a lead science writer for the Hauraki Gulf Tai Timu Tai Pari Marine Spatial Plan.

I am a Certified RMA Decision Maker. Recently, I served as an independent commissioner on a panel hearing an application by Port of Napier for resource consents for dredging and wharf construction. I also served on a panel hearing an application for consent to remove mangroves from a Northland harbour. I love doing this kind of work. I get to really immerse myself, not just in the science, but also in planning and the law, and I take seriously the responsibility of making a good decision. On the other side of the floor, I have provided expert evidence at Environment Court (Kaipara Harbour sand mining; Okura rural intensification), local authority consent and plan change hearings, and an EPA hearing (Taranaki ironsands).

My research interests and expertise span estuarine and coastal sediment transport by waves and currents, boundary-layer flows, flow–biota interactions, waves, sediment transport and the estuarine turbidity maximum in tidal creeks, limits-based management, methods for predicting decadal-scale estuarine sedimentation, urban contaminants and water quality. I have published first-authored, peer-reviewed journal articles on all of those, and then some.

As for my career, I’ve had a few honours along the way, such as winning the 2009 Kudos Award for Environmental Science in recognition of my leading role in applying science to issues threatening the coasts of New Zealand, the 2015 NIWA Research Excellence Prize and, as a PhD student in the States, the 1987 J.M. Zeigler Outstanding Student Achievement Award at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science.

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Mal is also an Associate at Streamlined Environmental Ltd